Trend Alert: Slipdresses 

Slipdresses have become our new obsession… They are the sexiest little addition to an effortless ensemble. We’re not going to lie to you. This is totally risky and can be done wrong. But if you get the size, color and cut right; it’s phenomenal. Super effing edgy. And a tad rebelle-ious 😏 You can dress […]

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Street Style: Elisa Nalin

Elisa Nalin is Creative Director, Fashionista and a Street Style photographers dream. She studied Fashion Design at the Instituto Europeo Del Design in Italy; but before that studied classical art and humanities. Right out of school she got a job at the Italian Fashion house, Costume National and the rest is history.  Since then Elisa […]

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Trend Alert: Bandana Chokers

If you haven’t spotted a choker or rocked a choker yourself; sorry to break it you, you indeed have been living under a rock. And not a small rock… Like, a boulder, that blocks out the sun!! They. Are. EVERYWHERE! And rightly so; they’re fabulous. I first noticed them on the Kardashian/Jenners months ago and have seen them trickle […]

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Arts, Beats & Lyrics

Friday night I attended the Jack Daniel’s Arts, Beats & Lyrics event at Neo on Locust in the city. In addition to the free cover, if you RSVP’d prior, you received two free drink stubs at the door. This event was an awesome look for Saint Louis. The art was amazing but I totally went […]

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